Research and development

KODE’s academic staff members are associated with a number of international and national research networks.

Nikolai Astrup Research Centre for Art and Landscape (established 2016) is KODE’s spearhead for research. A core task of the Astrup centre is the development of a net-based catalogue raisonné of Astrup’s art. The work encompasses an extensive mapping and registering of artworks, archive material, exhibition history, literature and historic photographs. A PhD position including a curator internship, based on an international call for applicants, has been established in collaboration with the University of Oslo, (begun in 2018). 

Centre for Grieg Research (SGF) is KODE’s organization for research in the field of music, and is a collaboration between KODE, the University of Bergen and Bergen Public Library, where the Grieg collection is housed. In 2017 KODE was the host of an international Grieg conference with approx. 30 researchers and practicing musicians in collaboration with SGF and The International Grieg Society. 

In August 2014 KODE arranged an international interdisciplinary research conference on art and Nazism, in collaboration with the University of Bergen. The conference “Art in Battle” was based on the exhibition Art and Non-Art, which was shown in Oslo, Stavanger, Trondheim and Bergen in 1942–43. The exhibition was inspired by a number of official art shows in Nazi Germany – a showcase for the official ideology under Hitler and an expression of an effective art and propaganda organ. “Art in Battle” gathered numerous international scholars, who together examined the conditions that affect art and art institutions when they are used in battle.