Practical information/ accessibility

Welcome to KODE! 

We appreciate your cooperation in following the safety regulations of the exhibition areas:

Accessibility for wheelchair users
KODE is accessible for disabled guests and wheelchair users, either directly via ramps, or by wheelchair elevators. There are elevators in all buildings. Parking spaces for the physically disabled are located right outside Rasmus Meyers allé 7 (KODE 3). All buildings are equipped with accessible toilets.

We accept companion cards.

It is allowed to take pictures for private use inside the museum building, but only with handheld cameras and no use of flash. As to commercial photography or press photos, we kindly ask you to get in touch with the administration at the museum for arrangements.

Purses, bags and umbrellas
Please leave your large purses, backpacks, umbrellas and outerwear in the wardrobe. In general items larger than 30x35x10 cm are not allowed in the exhibitions for safety and security reasons. Secure lockers where you can store your valuables can be found in all four main buildings. 

Please do not bring large luggage, suitcases, cabin bags and other oversized objects to the museum. For oversized luggage and objects we suggest the lockers at the train station or bus station nearby.

Outerwear that is brought along into the exhibition areas may not be carried over the arm or shoulder. Zippers hanging out can easily make contact with the artworks and damage them. Outerwear taken into the exhibition must thus be worn or hung around the waist.

Food and drink
Our guest are kindly asked to leave food and drinks out of the exhibitions. This also goes for empty bottles.

Prams or backpack carriers
Prams and backpack carriers are not allowed in the exhibitions. Strollers and baby slings may be borrowed in the reception.

There are toilets for all genders and disabled guests in all buildings.

Babies’ changing rooms
In KODE 2, changing tables (without cushions) are found in the disabled toilets. The key can be picked up in the reception. In KODE 4, a fold-down changing table is found in the ladies’ toilets.

Distance to artworks
Please keep a good distance from the artworks in the exhibitions – also when pointing at them. Some of the exhibition rooms are particularly snug; keep in mind that there might be an artwork right behind you.

Animals are not allowed in the museum. Guide dogs are accepted.

For safety reasons, all exhibition rooms are equipped with camera surveillance. This also applies to the outside areas between the buildings (these areas are clearly marked).

Security guards
The guards in the exhibitions will let you know if you breach of any safety regulations. We kindly ask you cooperate with them.