Private Eyes: American postmodern art

Opening Friday 2 October: Experience American postmodern art at KODE this fall.

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"Private Eyes" consists of 32 works on a generous loan from the Christen Sveaas’ Art Collection.

The exhibition presents paintings, drawings, photos and sculpture from the 1960s up until today, by prominent artists such as Louise Borgeouis, Andy Warhol, Willem de Kooning, Nan Goldin, Matthew Barney, Robert Rauschenberg and Christopher Wool.

Multifaceted visual universe

Postmodernism is neither a movement nor a direction of style, but rather a collective designation for art during a time marked by remarkable individual and economic freedom and a subsequent eruption of diversity. Art became a depiction of a world undergoing constant changes.

This exhibition takes the works of a number of key American artists to explore postmodernism’s multifaceted visual universe. Any myth of art as an absolute and true voice is dispelled here. Concepts such as originality and continuity, as essential as they are to the history of Western art, simply lose their meaning.  

This is also a time when we see a clear emergence of ‘new’ voices, most notably female artists and artists with minority backgrounds. Many of artists use their own lives and personal experiences explicitly. But they do so without buttressing the myth of the artistic genius that so often prevailed in modernism. By making use of themselves and their personal experiences, artists reflect the society of which they were a part of.

About the exhibition

In collaboration with Christen Sveaas’ Art Collection.

Curated by William Flatmo, Director, Christen Sveaas’ Art Collection. Project manager at KODE is Eli Okkenhaug.

The exhibition is on display at KODE 2 until 20 December.

List of artists featured in the exhibition (alphabetical order): 

Matthew Barney
Ross Bleckner
Louise Borgeouis
George Condo
Judith Eisler
Eric Fischl
Nan Goldin
Jane Hammond 
Keith Haring
Charline Von Heyl
Willem de Kooning
Johnathan Lasker
Steven Parrino
Lari Pittman
Robert Rauschenberg
Edward Ruscha
David Salle
Julian Schnabel
Andres Serrano
Mark Tansey
Julia Wachtel
Andy Warhol
Jack Whitten
Francesca Woodman
Christopher Wool 


  • 2 Oct 2020 to 20 Dec 2020
  • Kode 2
  • 160 / 110 / 0 *

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