Ongoing and upcoming exhibitions

Exhibition: Playing Pieces

2 Dec 2022 to 26 Feb 2023

Who collects, who decides – and how does this affect art history and our common cultural heritage? 

Exhibition: Annette Kierulf & Caroline Kierulf

Caroline Kierulf og Annette Kierulf.
7 Oct 2022 to 22 Jan 2023

Artists and sisters Annette Kierulf and Caroline Kierulf have played a major role in revitalizing graphic art in Norway. October 7th KODE launches To Make a World — an extensive exhibition of their work curated in close collaboration with the artists.

Exhibition: The Queer Gaze part II

23 Sep 2022 to 31 Dec 2022

What does it mean to make queer art?

The Tourist. Bergen Assembly 2022

8 Sep 2022 to 6 Nov 2022

KODE is proudly hosting The Tourist at Permanenten, KODE 1. This is a part of Bergen Assembly 2022's Yasmine and the Seven Facesof the Heptahedron.

Exhibition: The Queer Gaze

Fra utstillingen Det skeive blikket i KODE 4
1 Apr 2022 to 31 Dec 2022

Throughout December 2022 at KODE 4: The exhibition ‘The Queer Gaze’ explores and highlights the diversity of queer perspectives, narratives and identities found in the museum collections. This comprehensive exhibition features almost 160 works ranging from Classical antiquity to the present day. It fills a whole floor at KODE 4, Lysverket and part two opens this fall. 

Visit The Rasmus Meyer Collection

Fra Munch-utstillingen i KODE 3
4 May 2013 to 31 Dec 2024

At KODE 3, you can experience a delightful wander through Norwegian highlights, including JC. Dahl, Edvard Munch and Harriet Backer.