New children’s book about Astrup

In collaboration with KODE, a new picture book about Nikolai Astrup has been launched.

KODE’s education and learning team have developed the concept, text and illustrations for the book ‘Nikolai Astrup: His Magic World’, published by Orfeus press. The book is designed to give children their first encounter with the imaginative world of this much loved artist. The team’s sources of inspiration are children’s specific encounters with the art of Nikolai Astrup in the museum.

The book has been well received and was included in the newspaper Dagsavisen’s list of the best art books of 2015

‘Children are fascinated by Astrup’s motifs, maybe because he had an imagination similar to that of a child’, suggests Helga Anspach, project leader for the publication. In Astrup’s world trees come alive, mountains have troll faces and haystacks become human.

In the book you can hunt for hidden figures and details. Put words to what you see, use your imagination and invent stories. About 50 works of art from the Astrup Collection are featured in the book, in combination with photographs, text and illustrations.

The book is on sale in KODE’s museum shops and in bookshops throughout Norway.

The book is published in Nynorsk and in English. Price: 199,- NOK.

ISBN: 9788293140375

Authors: Helga Anspach, Torunn Myrva
Photos: Magne Sandnes
Illustrations: Anne Ree
Editor: Inger Schjoldager
Graphic design: Christine S. Sunde
English translator: Arlyne Moi

A new picture book about Nikolai Astrup is now for sale at KODE.