Info regarding Covid-19

KODE is complying with the recommendations issued by the authorities to prevent the spread of infection by the Coronavirus and will continue to assess the situation as it develops.

Information on opening hours and admission

– We are doing all we can to reduce the risk of infection in our buildings, both for visitors and for our staff, and we will assess the situation as it develops, says Director Petter Snare.

We hope the public will contribute to reducing the spread of the virus – here are some of the measures we have taken:

We request that all visitors pay with a bank or credit card at the reception counters.

We urge all visitors to keep at a distance of one metre from other visitors whenever possible.

You will find hand sanitizer dispensers in the reception areas and we advise that you wash your hands thoroughly on arrival.

General information about infection control against the Coronavirus is available in several languages in all of our reception areas.

We have further intensified our cleaning routines.

KODE 3 er åpent fra 2. juni / KODE 3 is open from 2 June