Restaurant / Café

Make your trip to the museum even more enjoyable by having lunch or dinner in tasteful surroundings!

At KODE there are three eateries with assorted menus.

Bien Centro in KODE 1 is a restaurant and bar
Welcome to our new restaurant in KODE 1! Bien Centro offers classic italian food, pizza from a wood-fired owen, homemade pasta, italian gelato and cakes.

Opening hours Bien
Every day, from 11–24
Friday and Saturday, from 11–01

Please note: Bien Centro will be closed on June 12th and 13th.

Smakverket in KODE 2 is a café with a lunch menu.
Generous lunch dishes, freshly brewed coffee, newly-baked scones and muffins – take an art-break at one of Bergen’s most popular cafés. With a rich menu of delectable dishes and beverages, it’s easy to sit a while at Smakverket. Locally-sourced bacon, poached eggs, crisp salad – top-quality produce in the hands of dedicated cooks, who discover good taste through ever-new combinations.

The experience ends with a coffee prepared by our expert baristas who use beans from Norway’s best coffee roasters. Then continue your visit to KODE’s museums. For more information, go to:

Opening hours Smakverket
Open every day, from 11-17


Lysverket in KODE 4 is a restaurant, bar and nightclub. 
Lysverket enlivens your taste buds and combines innovation with tradition. The result is unique ‘neo-fjordic’ cuisine. Conclude your museum experience with a finer dinner or a bar visit! Lysverket choses well known and seasonal produce from west Norway, including crayfish and oysters, locally grown lamb and pork.

Having been recommended by the Michelin Guide, Lysverket confirms that it masters the art of enlivening even the most discerning palates. In the evenings Lysverket is a popular hot spot serving classic cocktails, beer from Nordic micro-breweries and light meals from the bar menu, all to the tune of music played by the city’s best DJs. For more information and the menu, go to:

Åpningstider / Opening hours:
Monday: 11-15
Tuesday–Saturday: 11-01