Kode 2

Address: Rasmus Meyers allé 3, 5015 Bergen.

This is KODE's main venue for temporary exhibitions. The building has undergone rehabilitation and on October 27th 2017 the museum opened its new exhibition hall, Stenersen Room, with the  installation Direction by the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. In May you can experience masterworks by the Norwegian painter J.C. Dahl in KODE 2. The exhibition J.C. Dahl – The Power of Nature opens on May 4th

At the ground floor, you’ll find Bergen’s largest art bookstore with a large selection of books on the visual arts, architecture, photography and design, as well as publications and books tied to the museum’s collections and exhibitions. The shop presents a wide selection of posters, paper designs and gifts, as well as children’s books and drawing and painting supplies. Here you'll also find the Café Smakverket.

The architect of this museum building was Sverre Lied and it opened in 1978 in order to present the extensive art gift from the businessman Rolf Stenersen, given to the museum in 1971.