Earlier exhibitions

Performance Weekend 8-10 Sept.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen: Octopada
8 Sep 2017 to 10 Sep 2017

In connection with this year’s parliamentary election, KODE invites you to the performance weekend "Voices" 8-10 September, at KODE 1.


H.M. Dronning Sonja: «Nattskygge», litografi (2013). FOTO: Jan Haug/Det kongelige slott, Oslo
23 May 2017 to 24 Sep 2017

KODE 1, the former Permanenten, reopens on 23 May 2017. On the programme is a new exhibition featuring Queen Sonja’s art.

The Silver Tax of 1816

The Silver Tax of 1816
28 Sep 2016 to 29 Jan 2017

Nation Building through Volunteerism and Force. How is value created and recreated throughout history?

Rolf Aamot. Maximal Information per Time Unit!

Rolf Aamot, Actio, stillbilde fra film, 1980
14 May 2016 to 28 Aug 2016

Rolf Aamot is the ‘unknown’ pioneer of Norwegian electronic art. His works are stories about our modern information society, as told from its threshold.

Bergen Assembly: Lynda Benglis

Lynda Benglis, Still from ON SCREEN, 1972, video, 7 minutes. Courtesy Cheim & Read, New York.
7 Feb 2016 to 28 Feb 2016

One of Bergen Assembly’s three parts starts at KODE, with the exhibition «Lynda Benglis – Primary Structures».

Nikolai Astrup: The Way Home

Nikolai Astrup (1880-1928), Revebjeller, ca. 1920.
23 Jan 2016 to 22 Jan 2017

An artist should see nature as would a child, claimed Astrup. KODE’s new Astrup exhibition focuses on the artist’s early works, looking closely at his development in the direction of naïvism. Several of the featured pictures have never before been publically exhibited.

Sükran Moral: My Pain My Rebellion

30 Oct 2015 to 3 Apr 2016

Child brides, violence against women, female genital mutilation, homophobia and polygamy. These are only a few of the themes the Turkish artist Sükran Moral treats in her controversial oeuvre.

Art in Battle

4 Sep 2015 to 7 Feb 2016

Art in Battle addresses how art and art institutions were used by the Nazi regime in Germany and in occupied Norway. The exhibition is on display until February 7 2016.

Soft Monuments

Hanne Friis: Masse - gul, 2013. Foto Dag Fosse
22 May 2015 to 4 Oct 2015

Monumental Textile Art from KODE’s Collections.

Beyond G(l)aze

23 Jan 2015 to 12 Apr 2015

Beyond G(l)aze aims to give insight into how a selection of Norwegian and Chinese artists transform clay into exiting works of art, and to show the strong position of ceramics in international contemporary art.

The Needle's Eye. Contemporary Embroidery

10 Oct 2014 to 4 Jan 2015

Embroidered works from Contemporary Art.

Craft 2014

19 Sep 2014 to 14 Dec 2014

Exhibition Craft 2014 aims to present the best of Norwegian contemporary craft.

A Journey into the Classics

20 Jun 2014 to 24 Aug 2014

The artists presented in this exhibition are among the great masters of the decisive art historical centuries between 1500 and 1800.

Our Society

12 Jun 2014 to 13 Jul 2014

Exhibition of student works.

The White Circle

24 May 2014 to 3 Jun 2014

Pussy Riot exhibition at KODE.

Bård Breivik. Score

23 May 2014 to 26 Oct 2014

Bård Breivik's series ”Score for a Longer Conversation” will be at display in 'Tårnsalen' until Oct 26th.