Earlier exhibitions


18 Apr 2010 to 30 Sep 2013

In KODE 2 you’ll find the museum’s permanent venue for contemporary art.

Nikolai Astrup

8 Sep 2011 to 29 Nov 2015

Nikolai Astrup (1880–1928) is one of Norway’s most beloved artists.

Per Inge Bjørlo

16 Mar 2012 to 27 May 2012

Per Inge Bjørlo is considered a pioneer within the Norwegian art scene. Exhibition Period: 16.05 - 27.05.2012


14 Jun 2012 to 16 Sep 2012

In which ways do contemporary artists express sexuality and lust in their work?

Material Information

28 Sep 2012 to 27 Jan 2013

Material Information – the 2012 thematic exhibition of the Norwegian Arts and Crafts Association.

Real Life Stories

4 Oct 2012 to 3 Feb 2013

Installations, sculptures and paintings by ten of China’s leading artists.

Ai Wei Wei – 81 Wooden Balls

4 Oct 2012 to 1 Apr 2013

Ai Weiwei world premieres the installation "81 Wooden Balls".

Tony Matelli – A HUMAN ECHO

22 Feb 2013 to 5 May 2013

Tony Matelli presents painstaking details in his true to life sculptures in a combination of horror and humor.

Love & Death

16 Mar 2013 to 2 Jun 2013

How has death been given artistic expression during the different periods of the visual arts and crafts?

People and Possessions

10 Apr 2013 to 31 Dec 2014

Explore the history of European design, decorative art and craft-based art from the last 500 years.

Larry Clark: Teenage Lust

20 Apr 2013 to 4 Aug 2013

Larry Clark is widely regarded as one of the most important and influental American photographers of his generation.

KODE on Paper

25 May 2013 to 1 Sep 2013

'Kode on paper – From Rembrandt to Cézanne' presents the museum´s magnificent treasure chest of works on paper by Norwegian as well as international artists such as Rembrandt, Francisco Goya, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cezanne and Pablo Picasso.


21 Jun 2013 to 11 Aug 2013

Wet, Wild and Beautiful displays paintings and ceramics in unexpected contexts, with works by artists such as Peder Balke, Sidsel Hanum, Bjørn-Sigurd Tufta and Thorvald Bindesbøll.

Bergen Assembly

Anatoly Khrupov, Vilnius State University physics lab, 1960s. © The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow
31 Aug 2013 to 27 Oct 2013

KODE is one of the 11 venues in use when Bergen's very first Art Triennal is arranged from August 31 - October 27. The exhibition presents the positions of more than 50 international artists

From Munch to Slettemark

20 Sep 2013 to 19 Jan 2014

The art of Edvard Munch - with its expressive, experimental and surreal tendencies - has been a great inspiration for many successive artists.

KODE Contemporary: 1980-2015

1 Nov 2013 to 26 Feb 2017

A rich selection of notable Norwegian and international artists are represented in KODE’s collection of art from 1980 to today.