Bergen Assembly: Lynda Benglis

One of Bergen Assembly’s three parts starts at KODE, with the exhibition «Lynda Benglis – Primary Structures».

The American Lynda Benglis (b. 1941) first gained recognition in the 1960s through her sculptural retorts to Minimalism. A pioneer of temporal, vernacular materials, audacious colors, and unapologetic sensory pleasure, Benglis has brushed wax, poured latex and phosphorescent foam, layered video, air sprayed metals, stretched paper, and cut-up ceramic.

Diving straight into the humorous rebuke of her male contemporaries, Benglis’s opening installation in Bergen, “Primary Structures (Paula’s Props)”, 1975, inaugurates a year-long inquiry into her practice by PRAXES. An odd collection of campy ready-made objects—for instance velvet cloth, broken columns, a toy car, a fig tree—this work typifies the (postmodern) era in which it was made, and it undermines 1970s aesthetics and foreshadows today’s installation art.

As the first of six Lynda Benglis-exhibitions under the aegis of Bergen Assembly (a triennial for contemporary art), Primary Structures traces the large themes and unorthodox methods in Lynda Benglis’ art. The curatorial duo for the exhibition is PRAXES, which are among the artistic directors for Bergen Assembly 2016.

Opening on Saturday 6 February, 2016, PRAXES presents its two inaugural installments by Lynda Benglis and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, marking the beginning of a yearlong cycle of events, publications, and exhibitions at the Bergen Assembly.

- 17:00 at KODE 4 | Lynda Benglis: “Primary Structures (Paula’s Props)”
- 19:00 at Landmark | Marvin Gaye Chetwynd: “Iron Age Pasta Necklace Workshop”
- Followed by Opening Party at Landmark, featuring DJ Øde Øyvind and DJ Bjørn Torske, hosted by Bergen Assembly.


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  • 7 Feb 2016 to 28 Feb 2016
  • Kode 4
  • 100,- / 50,- / 0,- *

* Adults: NOK 100-, Students: NOK 50-, Children (0-16 yrs.): Free. Free admission with the Bergen card. The ticket gives admission to all exhibitions at KODE for two days

Lynda Benglis, Still from ON SCREEN, 1972, video, 7 minutes. Courtesy Cheim & Read, New York.