Edvard Munch

KODE Art Musems of Bergen exhibits an exceptional permanent presentation of its unique Edvard Munch collection in KODE 3.

KODE Art Museums of Bergen exhibits one of the largest collections of Munch paintings in the world. From an art historical perspective, the collection is unique because it exhibits works from all the major paradigms in Edvard Munch’s artistic career.

Among others we have many of the important paintings from the “Frieze of Life” – a series of paintings where Munch depicts the psyche of the modern human being. Munch himself described the “Frieze of Life” as the major work of his oeuvre. Jealousy, Melancholy, Women in Three Stages, Evening on Karl Johan and By the Death Bed are all from the “Frieze of Life”, and they are all exhibited together in the Rasmus Meyer Collection in KODE 3.

Unique collection

The collection in Bergen consists of more than 100 paper works and 50 paintings. Most of the works are part of the collection of Rasmus Meyer, whom acquired a number of major works by Norwegian artists towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Several of the paper works have not been available for the public in the latest 20 years. 

The rest of the Rasmus Meyer Collection consists of a rich collection of art from Norway's "Golden Age", as well as historical interiors and furniture. 

Please note: Visiting the Munch-exhibition?

Dear visitors. This winter we presented two Edvard Munch exhibitions at KODE: “Edvard Munch. There are Worlds Within Us” and “The Experimental Self – Edvard Munch’s photography”. For this reason, the Munch-exhibition in KODE 3, will be temporarily closed from 12 of August 2019.

There will be very few works on display by Edvard Munch in the museum, only at KODE 4, in the period 12 August 2019– March 2020. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. A new presentation will open in KODE 3 by the end of March 2020.

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